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Vulva Original Smell of Vagina Review For Spring

Vagina review

Just in time for Spring, the wondrous smell of pussy in a contemporary glass bottle can really get your engine running. This video is a review of website and how easy it is to buy a bottle of pussy online. Order your bottle today, heck, order a few bottles and give one away for Fathers Day!

Oh How That Pussy Smells

pussy smell guy

Oh man how that pussy smells, and for this college guy in his dorm late at night nothing is better than the smell of pussy. Watch the video as he describes that it’s ok to masturbate and that a vial of Vulva Original helps him imagine some sweet pussy right in front of him.

Smell of Vagina with VULVA Original Video

bicycle pussy

This is the original video that started the craze for this tiny little vial of heaven. The video is of a young and beautiful woman working out on a stationary bicycle in what appears to be a very hot room. Her personal coach is timing her and sees the sweat pouring from her legs and looks like he knows the seat on the bicycle will smell of her vagina. I won’t tell you the ending