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Pussy Scented Scratch and Sniff Cards

Vulva Original

Just received an email from a “fan” asking about scratch and sniff pussy sniffing scented cards. Sorry ladies and gents… the Vulva Original product does not work that way. The applicator was made especially for the fragrance and meant to be used in a particular way.

Win a Vial of Vulva Original Vaginal Scent

Win a bottle of pussy

Enter Now! Imagine, your very own bottle of the erotic scent of a woman. Now is your chance to win a bottle of Vulva Original Vaginal Scent at no cost… we even pay for the shipping! One lucky winner will receive their very own vial of Vulva Original Vaginal Scent.

Men do you find panty sniffing odd?

Panty Sniffer

I often like to smell my wife’s soiled panties. I can always find a pair in the hamper. Guys, do you ever do it? Is there a product that smells like pussy? Incoming search terms:panty sniffingpanty sniffing fetishpanty sniffing blogpanty…