Garcinia Facts

A girl named Garcinia lived in a very large city where looks and money were everything. She longed to be part of the inner crowd but didn’t have the money nor the connections, but, she had the looks. Most men flocked to her and tried their best to take her to bed, more often they succeeded, but only to find that Garcinia’s pretty pussy didn’t have a vaginal scent.

Garcinia’s problem? Her pussy didn’t have any smell! She tried colognes, perfumes and even rubbing her friends dirty, smelly panties across her bald pussy, but she just couldn’t make the scent last. Garcinia even tried letting her pussy get hairy, but nothing worked.

Luckily for Garcinia she discovered Vulva Original. The clean scent of pussy was so intense she often caught herself moving her hand into her panties to feel her cunt because the smell was so overpowering. Vulva Original

With one quick motion Garcinia is able to apply the erotic pussy scent to her hand, and then as always, wipes the folds of her vagina knowing the strong scent from the bottle of Vulva Original is enough to drive anyone over the edge of lust.

Garcinia decided to test the pussy fragrance on a date one evening. She wiped the cool tip of the bottle of Vulva Original across her freshly shaven pussy, feeling the warmth as she did. She put on a pair of crotchless panties so the air could catch under her tight skirt. No bra tonight, she wanted to test the smell and have her date sniff her pussy and then gauge his reaction.

Garcinia never made it to dinner with her date. She simply couldn’t wait and the anticipation was excruciating. As soon as she opened the door she dragged her young lover onto the couch and immediately spread her legs for him. As a dominatrix she knew how to tell men what to do.
With her legs spread she ordered this young man to push his face into her cunt, licking, and stroking her labia.

Garcinia stopped him after a few moment and asked, “How does my cunt smell?” Her date replied, “It’s the most amazing pussy I have ever smelled. Your pussy is incredibly wet and smells so erotic…” with that she grabbed his head and brought it back down onto her wet snatch to finish the job she had him start.

She knew she had the right pussy scent

Now whenever Garcinina goes out on a date and knows she’ll bring a man home to fuck, she always uses her bottle of Vulva Original around her pussy and even on her neck. The Garcinia facts are that her pussy now smells more luxurious and more appealing to her men… and her women.

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